Gare Mort

120 km

A photographic series taken on a journey through the Po Valley in Italy. 120 km of flat roads and left places and yet surprisingly diverse.

A shut-down cellulose factory in transformation.


Water is a vital element - in nature as well as in the city. It serves us as drinking water, it is artistically orchestrated and creates recreational spaces. But today water also an element of microclimate design to adapt to climate change. Plui combines this necessary adaptation with the conscious use of the precious resource of water. A funnel-shaped umbrella collects the rain and guides it into a green reservoir. Capillary mats release the water to the plant soil over a longer period of time. This way, dry phases can be bridged without additional irrigation. Self-sufficient, shaded islands are created in urban space, inviting you to pause for a moment.

Collaboration with Luca Hartmann


Swiss Stone Pine is the wood of the grisons alps. Its unmistakable smell, resin deposits and numerous branches reflect the uniqueness of the countless valleys of the swiss mountain canton. Often bypassed for just these reasons, the Fassetta sideboard emphasises those specific qualities of the alpine wood. The freely rotating wing elements turn this unpretentious piece of furniture into a room dividing or opening element that is accessible from all sides. This creates a poetic show of the incomparable aesthetic structure of the Swiss Stone Pine. There is no inside and outside, no beautiful and ugly side, but a thousand different facets that are worth to be seen, smelled and touched.

2nd place in the competition Mobiglias - Möbel und Objekte aus Graubünden

Produced by Ramon Zangger

©Ivo Schlaepfer